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Shamanism & Anxiety

I have been stuck on posting this; major block! It has been so frustrating as leading up to the post I felt like I had a lot to say. But I have been stuck; Mercury Retrograde maybe? Not sure, but here I am, and I am showing up.

As an individual that has struggled for the past number of years with Anxiety, the biggest thing I try to enforce and tell myself is to Show up & to keep Showing up, whenever possible. Not always easy!

I don’t really know when Anxiety showed up. It just seemed to be there one day. I had always been a confident and outgoing person, but I guess a few life “lessons” had proved otherwise and suddenly I had a “story” about myself stuck in my head, on a loop, repeating itself over & over. YUCK!!

The worst part of Anxiety is that it is one of those things that no one sees. Outsiders don’t see it, so they just think your flaking out by cancelling or not showing up etc...! So called Friends harass you, mock you and tease you but they are not seeing what’s bubbling below the surface.

And Societal Paradigms have no time for those that struggle with Anxiety. Nope!! Because you have, parenting to do, Careers to grow, A household to manage, Volunteering with Children’s never-ending extracurricular activities etc.… to the point of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. This is such an epidemic for parents that it is now become a part of our children as well. This “Do it all”, paradigm kicks everyone’s ass and is fuel for Anxiety.

What is the solution for Anxiety? There are lots of solutions, but I firmly believe you must start with yourself to effectively tackle Anxiety. Not the golden ticket everyone is looking for! But I can promise you this, the journey inward is an amazing journey. Its not easy facing up to ones one crap and wading through it all, but I can guarantee you that coming out to the other side of it will be a journey worth taking. However, this isn’t a one trip only venture, there will probably be multiple trips to make; different traumas, stories; what ever you want to call them from our lifetime, previous lifetimes and many times ancestral imprints that have been passed down for generations, that you will need to explore.

As in Talk Therapies, Shamanic Soul Coaching in the exploration of self takes precious time and effort. But as all modalities prove, they can have great life changing results for those ready to take the leap.

For myself on this journey of Anxiety, Spirituality via Shamanism has been one of my best friends and allies. Shamanism has best defined who I am to myself; far more than any doctrine ever possibly could. What I love about the Shamanic lifestyle is how it awakens us to ourselves and how it is so accessible to anyone and everyone, anywhere.

It has also given me great perspective on all facets of life. I can see myself better and to see other people better. We are all looking for something on this journey of life and I personally feel that what we are all truly looking for is ourselves.

My answers for Anxiety, has been for me; coming back home to myself. I “show up” for myself when my ego is trying to protect me and run its old story. However, when I show up, I am no longer alone. In fact, every where I go, I am never alone. This my foundation; all things are Spirit and Spirit is in everything. One simply must learn to feel it with the heart.

Anxiety cannot thrive in places that ground you, soothe you and speaks to your soul. Nature truly is the best Medicine and recognizing that time spent in Nature is never wasted time; its soul time, its connection to all that is and so much more. It recharges us; its our soul food.

For those struggling with Anxiety a few pointers I can offer is this:

If you need to seek out assistance of a Medical professional, please do. I firmly believe we have exceptional options available to us in Western Medicine to help.

Clinical Counselling, Talk Therapies are also great options available. Your Medical professional can offer referrals and suggestions on these great modalities as well.

Shamanic Soul Coaching or Alternative Energy Healing if available in your area. A holistic nondenominational approach is simply another effective option out there. I can attest to how this approach has greatly affected my life for the positive and how I now approach dealing with anxiety in my day to day life. This was a game changer for me.

Nature. Seek out Nature daily.

Breath. Anxiety is directly proportional to breath, learn to breathe effectively.

Grounding. Get yourself grounded…Sit or Stand & Breathe

Become Present. Anxiety lives in thoughts of the Past & of the Future. By getting grounded & breathing fully brings us to the present moment

Gratitude. Practice daily gratitude. Moment to moment gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for.

I hope you find peace and resolution with your journey of Anxiety as I continue with mine. Showing up, when you can and keep in mind, that we are connected to all that is and that we are truly never alone. The key is to awaken to this Connection and embrace the Love, Courage and Strength that being In Right Relationship can provide you in your day to day life.

If you are interested in exploring Shamanic Soul Coaching, feel free to contact me. I would love to assist you on your journey of Connection & Self Discovery.

Show up as you are, who you are, whenever possible!!

Much love & many blessings…xoxoxo

Rae Lynn

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